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Uivador Da Broa


2001 | 17hh | Lusitano | Grey

Oceano x Zapatera II

Breeder: Manuel Tavares Veiga

☆☆☆☆ Recommended APSL Stud Horse in the UK

Uivador won the Champion Male and a Gold Medal in the International Festival of the Lusitano in Portugal 2008 and Champion of Champions and a Gold Medal in the Lustano Breed Show UK 2009. He already has multiple Champion Progeny and dauthers graded with 77 pts by Oceano Champion of Champions Brazil 2008 and Grand Pric Dressage Champion.

Uivador is unique due to his impressive size and strong powerful build. He is unusually tall for a Veiga horse but has retained all the characteristics of the Veiga type. Spectaculas movement, great extensions and a wondeful temperament,

Cai-Cai Das Arcas

2007 | 15,2 1/2hh | Lusitano | Cremello

Mondego x Zarzuela

Breeder: Manuel Maia Correia

Cai-Cai is of solid build with a beautiful baroqie profile. Three lovely straight paces and a dream to ride. A wonderful, kind and very calm temperament. He has a gold and a silver medal and has been placed 1st in every show entered in 2013 plus championships.


2005 | 15,2hh | Lusitano | Bucksin

Luar x Nisa

Breeder: Antonio Jose Coutinho Lopes Da Costa

Traditional baroque APSL graded pure Lusitano stallion. Sensitive, calm boy, athletic, fun ride. Veiga bloodlines.

DNA tested: Golden buckskin colour, no grey.