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HOYS 2017

Janine & Stallion Duque riding with Atkinson Action Horses


About Us


THE RIDING CENTRE: was originally created by Marcia and Keith Pendlebury over 30 years ago located in a picturesque valley in the Llyn Peninsular, North Wales.

THE STUD: The specialist stud was started in 1994 by Marcia’s daughter Janine with the arrival of its founding Lusitano stallion Hilario.

Janine Pendlebury-Lee has worked and trained with the very best of Portuguese Classical Equitation Masters and for many years now she has brought all that expert knowledge to the UK carefully building up a team of Iberian schoolmaster horses which allow her to give memorable lessons to anybody who wishes to learn the art of classical riding. Home bred; home produced horses are also used in the school. It is this wonderful variety of horses, some suitable for the keen novice or others suited to the more advanced rider which ensures clients keep coming back to learn more!

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